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廣東外語外貿大學 Guangdong University of Foreign Studies


3rd BESTForeign Language University in China


大學簡介 Introduction


Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS) is a major internationalized university in South China for its globally-minded faculty/students and its research on international languages, literature, culture, trade and strategic studies. With 26 foreign languages available, the university is the only one in South China that offers the greatest number variety of foreign language programmes and its foreign language and literature as academic discipline is among the best in the nation.



特色/優勢 Features


It is one of the 19 universities worldwide qualified to provide high-end translation professionals to the United Nations and the only foreign studies-oriented university in the CAMPUS Asia program. According to a survey in 2017, the employment rate of the undergraduate students is 99.54% and it placed in the Top 3 for Language Universities in China.



報讀安排 Admission



School Principal’s Nomination Scheme



Scholarship Scheme

華語生 Chinese Students  




  • 經入息審查資助

  • 免入息審查資助
非華語生 NCS Students  
  • Introductory Programme to International Business

  • International Business

Quota: 15


The Mainland University Study Subsidy Scheme provided by the government:

  • Means-tested subsidy
    Eligible students who have passed a means test will receive either a full-rate subsidy of HK$15,000 or a half-rate subsidy of HK$7,500 per student per year, depending on their needs.

  • Non-means-tested subsidy
    Eligible students would receive a flat rate subsidy of $5,000 for an academic year.


100% Tuition Remission (Quota: 3)