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實踐大學 Shih Chien University



大學簡介 Introduction


Shih Chien University is a private university in Taiwan with one campus in Dazhi, Zhongshan District, Taipei; one campus in Neimen District, Kaohsiung; and one campus in Lingya District. It is renowned for its departments in architecture, food, fashion design, and communication designs. In 2016, it joined the U12 Consortium. The architectural design of Kaohsiung campus emphasizes on matching the geography, the climate, and the culture in Kaohsiung.



特色/優勢 Features

國際交流與合作 International cooperation

  • 姊妹校遍及全球各國,如:英、德、荷、丹、澳、芬等
    Sister schools from many countries, such as UK, Germany, Netherland, Denmark, and Finland
  • 提供雙學位、國際交流課程、IMBA全英語課程
    Double degrees, international exchange, and IMBA courses taught in English are available.


大學成就及肯定 Accomplishments & recognitions

  • 「《遠見雜誌》台灣最佳大學排行榜」:「國際化程度」第 9 名 (2017)
    9th for International Ranking in Top Universities in Taiwan 2017 conducted by Global Views magazine

  • 北市都更處「老屋新生大獎」: 金獎殊榮 (2017)
    Gold prize for renewing old houses in Taipei in 2017

  • Ranker 評選實踐大學設計學院為全世界前 30 強設計學校(2016)
    The 30 Best Design Schools in the World by Ranker (2016)



報讀安排 Admission

保送/校長推薦計劃 School Principal’s Nomination Scheme

獎學金 Scholarship Scheme 學生一經錄取,第一學年免住宿費。
Accommodation fees exempted for the first year once admitted.

Full tuition & miscellaneous fee waived for the top 15% of selected students in that academic year.